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Trekking Poles. Seamless Aluminum 7075 tube. 3 section telescopic. TPRC grip. Carbide flextip. Adaptor and inter-change basket system. Sold in pairs.

Model SA145
• Length: 28-58in (71-145cm)
• Weight: 11.3oz (331g)
• Color: Metallic Red
• Anti Shock Feature

Jacko Action Poles were developed from years of experience in high tech aerospace aluminum product production. High grade Aluminum Alloy tubing which offers lightweight and exceptional strength and durability. Proven design from years of testing and improvements.

Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
7075 Aluminum Alloy used in standard Jacko Series provides high strength seamless tube for greater consistency of wall thickness, weight, and strength. 6065 Aluminum Alloy used in Dyno models providing a savings in material cost without any sacrifice in strength and durability.

Ergonomic Grips
Comfortable and highly functional grips. Specific design grips in the latest material technology.

Anti-Shock System
Designated models feature Spring loaded Anti-Shock mechanism which absorbs shock from pole plants greatly relieving stress to arm, wrist and hand joints.

Quick Adjust System
Proven "Expander" system utilized for reliable locking and adjustment with a simple twist.

Interchangeable Baskets
Allows for quick and easy change of baskets to meet any terrain condition. Several basket designs available.

Flex Tips
The Carbide Flex Tip on standard Jacko Series provides maximum hold and stability on hard surfaces. Stainless Steel Flex Tip utilized on Dyno Series is a more economical tip for our entry level line. Function is same as Carbide Flex Tip in most applications.

Attractive cosmetics on all Jacko Poles and anti-corrosion treatment (Anodizing) on all poles keeps them looking good and functioning well.
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